cold. hard. steel.

cold. hard. steel.

Instrumentation: stereo electroacoustic

Duration: 3:30

Premiere: July 22, 2009 :: Interlochen Center for the Arts, Interlochen, MI

Program Note:

I believe that we all listen physically. When we listen, our bodies participate by locating the sounds we hear within ourselves—and our own experience—which then enables us to find meaning in the sounds, even on a very basic level. Within the context and focus of a piece of music, sound can create a space that is both familiar and unfamiliar, real and surreal—a space that has greater clarity and deeper meaning than reality. My hope with this piece is to create that space. cold. hard. steel. is a juxtaposition of man-made sounds—sounds made by us—fragile, delicate, and vulnerable—and sounds made by objects made by us—harsh, brutal, and inhuman.